Dilroop Singh
Dilroop Singh
Android Application Developer - Icon & Logo Designer - Mobile UI Designer - PHP Developer



He is freelancer, a full time Android Application Developer , Icon/Logo Designer , PHP Developer & Mobile UI Designer. With work experience of over 5 years in Android Application Development. After Completing his B.Tech in Computer Science & M.tech in Intelegent System, He professionally started working as Full time AAD.Photoshop for him was greatest gift, self learned and attained professional skill in photoshop soon after.

Having Knowledge of various programming languages like Java, Php, Asp.net & Python. He have worked on many projects throughout his Graduation period like www.itoall.com , Schoolyeti.com etc and many apps. Holding a Google Developer account He created many successfull apps like Webpage to Jpg , Brightness Dimmer , School yeti.Driven by Passion and Self-motivation. Yes , he is the right guy ! PERIOD.

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